Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – (Mediafire)

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Developer: Adobe
Operating System:
Language: English
Version: CS6
Licence / Price: Free Trial
FileSize 1.27 GB
Date Added: 2017/05/12
Total Downloads: 23,298 Views
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  • Adobe
  • English
  • CS6
  • 1.27 GB
  • 2017/05/12
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    Redesigned interface

    The first thing you’ll notice is that the entire interface has been redesigned. Everything is centred around the editing process with very large Source and Program monitors at the top, and huge thumbnails in the browser section. Although they now take up a lot more room, they’re also extremely useful as you can see at a glance which clip you’d like to work with next.

    Adobe has definitely taken a cue from iMovie and Final Cut Pro X: move your cursor over a clip to skim through your footage. It also does one better: click on the clip to reveal a small timeline. Drag its playhead to look through it as well, and if you’ve already set In and Out points to that clip, they’ll appear there as well (it almost makes the Source monitor redundant).