AutoCAD Mechanical

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Developer: Autodesk
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multipal languages
Version: 2014
Licence / Price: Free to try
FileSize 11.03MB
Date Added: 2020/01/31
Total Downloads: 199 Views
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  • Autodesk
  • Windows
  • Multipal languages
  • 2014
  • 11.03MB
  • 2020/01/31

    From Autodesk:

    AutoCAD Mechanical software is AutoCAD for manufacturing purpose-built to accelerate the mechanical design process while preserving the AutoCAD user experience. With comprehensive libraries of standards-based parts and tools for automating common design tasks, it offers significant productivity gains over basic AutoCAD software and saves countless hours of design time. Produce accurate designs with a comprehensive set of standards-based components. AutoCAD Mechanical supports libraries of more than 700,000 standard parts. AutoCAD Mechanical software accelerates the design process and improves accuracy with a comprehensive collection of automated machinery generators and calculators that enable users to instantly create and analyze a wide variety of common components.