AVG Antivirus (Free Edition)

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Developer: AVG Technologies
Operating System: Windows
Licence / Price: Free Version
Date Added: 2016/09/28
Total Downloads: 4,211 Views
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  • AVG Technologies
  • Windows
  • 2016/09/28
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    AVG has always been a popular way to get rid of viruses. AVG Free Edition 2016 is the esssential tool that protects your computer against unwanted visitors such as worms, trojans, spyware, root-kits, and other spyware when browsing online and cheking your emails.

    AVG’s scanning agents are powerful and quick so you wouldn’t have to wait longer. The updates are undertaken daily and will keep you informed and up to date. You can schedule virus scans and choose what parts of your computer you think you need to check upon. You can also run separate scans to to identify any root-kits.

    AVG Free Edition also has some cool features such as the Gaming mode, which allows you to turn off updates or scheduled scans so that you don’t get interrupted by them and you can view your latest highscores without any lags or reduction in frame rate! It also comes with LinkScanner, which makes sure that you are browsing safely, as well as links on social networks. The AVG 2016 Free Edition also has a file shredder, which is useful for permanently deleting any unwanted files from your computer.

    Overall, It gives you a strong defense against threats online. The resourse consumption is low and the scanning speed is high. The gaming mode, link scanner and file shredder are really good features of AVG Free Edition 2016 too. The disadvantages, however, is that the installation proccess takes quite some time. Whilst Installation, you get a choice to Install AVG free or starting a 30-day trial of AVG pro. Once you select Custom Install you are good to go.

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