Ayat – Holy Quran for Windows 10

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Developer: King Saud University - ETC
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multipal languages
Licence / Price: Free
FileSize: Not Available
Date Added: 2020/01/17
Total Downloads: 292 Views
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  • King Saud University - ETC
  • Windows
  • Multipal languages
  • Not Available
  • 2020/01/17

    From King Saud University – ETC:

    Ayat – Holy Quran – KSU-Electronic Mosshaf project – comprehensive Quran App with unique features. Features: Viewing scanned (soft) copy of real printed Mosshaf. Providing copy of Mosshaf Al-Madina, copy of Mosshaf Al-Tajweed (colored according to Tajweed rules) and copy of Mosshaf Warsh (Rewayat Warsh An-Nafei’). Holy Quran recitations by many famous reciters (two of them are by Rewayat Warsh an-Nafei’). Repeating each Aya as many times as desired with time interval in between. Search through Holy Quran text. Direct browsing the Mosshaf by Sura/Aya (Chapter/Verse), Juz (Part) or Page number. Six Arabic Tafsir (Commentary) “Al-Saa’di, Ibn-Katheer, Al-Baghawy, Al-Qortoby, Al-Tabary and Al-Waseet”. One English Tafsir (Commentary) “Tafheem Al-Quran by Al-Maududi”. E’rab (Grammar) Al-Quran by Qasim Da’aas. Text Translation of the Holy Quran meanings for more than 20 languages. Voice Translation of the Holy Quran meanings for two languages (English and Urdu). Sync between recitaion and Aya position in the Page (highlighting Aya while recited). Sync between recitaion and voice translation (repeat the translation after the recitation). Program Interface in both Arabic and English. live preview (example) : http://quran. ksu. edu. sa.

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