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Bot Revolt Anti-Malware Free Edition

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Technical Info
License / Price Free
Date Added November 5th, 2021
Language Multiple languages
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Developer Bot Revolt

Bot Revolt Anti-Malware Free Edition Publisher’s Description

Bot Revolt is a type of program that lives way down deep inside the networking code on your computer – the stuff in Windows that actually makes/receives network connections for you – and inspects everything that flows past it. It monitors all inbound communication to your computer. The software scans automatically every .002 seconds looking for any suspicious or unauthorized communication. In order to keep hackers out you need a program that continuously monitors your computers communication to prevents cyber attacks from hackers or bots to your computer. Any suspicious or unauthorized communication is filtered by the software. Without a program like Bot Revolt your computer could allow hackers or bots to access your personal data which could then be transmitted back out to internet. To catch these thieves on their way out your firewall must be capable of automatically blocking unauthorized outbound communications outbound protection.