Crack The Code for Android
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Developer: Optime Software
Operating System: Android
Language: english
Version: 2.1
Licence / Price: free
FileSize 4.08MB
Date Added: 2020/01/30
Total Downloads:

From Optime Software:
In thee slumbers a small detective? You’ve always loved puzzles solved and are curious by nature?Crack The Code is based on the principle of the famous classic game Mastermind, but a four-digit code needs to be decrypted instead of a color combination. Not only the right combination but also the correct arrangement of the 4 numbers is crucial as the role model. So that the whole is not too easy to be cracked within 10 Try the code.


– Display the correct digit by yellow light

– Display the correct digit in the correct position by the green light

– 10 rounds Rate fun to decrypt the code

Can you make it faster than your friends the 4-digit code to crack?

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