crazy video maker 2 for Windows 10

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Developer: Multimedia Cafe
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multipal languages
Licence / Price: Free
FileSize: Not Available
Date Added: 2020/02/03
Total Downloads: 438 Views
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  • Multimedia Cafe
  • Windows
  • Multipal languages
  • Not Available
  • 2020/02/03

    From Multimedia Cafe:

    crazy video maker 2, the most innovative and simplest to use video editor available in Windows Store. You don’t need editing experience to create fantastic videos composed of: pictures, videos, sounds, variety of texts, video or build in camera. Main interaction within the application is based on sliding events on the time line with help of a mouse, pen or touch and setting parameters for those events. Despite simplicity of use the application offers huge editorial potential.

    With its help, you can:

    – compose your own video from different videos and pictures,

    – precisely cut combined videos to accuracy level of a single frame,

    – accurately crop photos and videos,

    – control: brightness, contrast, saturation, color balance, color transformation of composed pictures and videos,

    – freely rotate pictures or videos,

    – speed up and slow down video scenes,

    – add animated GIFs with special effects,

    – arrange film components on layers,

    – draw anywhere within your own video,

    – add huge variety of texts to you video,

    – apply many spectacular filters and video effects on any video segment,

    – add any number of audio tracks to the video,

    – record and compose sound or video from build in microphone or camera,

    – add professional transitions,

    – apply effect Chroma Key,

    – compose videos in Full HD and 4K,

    – post your video creation to Facebook or YouTube directly from the application.

    Results of all applied options you can see immediately during video preview, so that you can maintain a full control over the creative process.

    Watch the attached video to see how easy it is to work with this application and join thousands of satisfied users of our application!

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