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  • DEC EtherWORKS 2 (DE422) is a network interface card (NIC) produced by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), which was a major American company in the computer industry. The DE422 is specifically an EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) network adapter, designed to be used in EISA bus slots on computers.

    Here’s some more information about it:

    1. **Network Interface:** The DE422 is a network interface card, which means it’s a hardware component that allows a computer to connect to a network, typically through Ethernet cables. This card supports Ethernet networking protocols.

    2. **EISA:** The card is designed to be used in computers with EISA bus architecture. EISA was an enhancement to the original ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) bus, providing higher performance and additional features.

    3. **EtherWORKS 2:** This likely refers to the second generation of DEC’s EtherWORKS series of network interface cards. EtherWORKS cards were known for their compatibility with DEC’s networking technologies and standards.

    4. **DE422:** The “DE422” designation likely refers to a specific model or version within the EtherWORKS 2 series. The model numbers helped identify variations and features of different network interface cards.

    5. **Historical Context:** DEC was a prominent company in the early days of computing, and they produced a wide range of hardware and software solutions. However, DEC was acquired by Compaq in 1998, and later Compaq was acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HP). As a result, the products and technologies associated with DEC, including network interface cards like the DE422, may not be actively supported or produced today.

    Keep in mind that this information is based on my knowledge up until September 2021, and there might have been developments or changes since then. If you’re looking for specific technical details or support related to the DE422 card, you might need to consult historical documentation or resources related to vintage computing hardware.

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