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Easy File Locker (64-bit)

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Developer: Xoslab
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multiple languages
Version: 2.2
Licence / Price: Free
FileSize: 404.4 KB
Date Added: 2024/01/21
Total Downloads: 25 views
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  • Free
  • Xoslab
  • Windows
  • Multiple languages
  • 2.2
  • 404.4 KB
  • 2024/01/21
  • About 

    Easy File Locker (64-bit) is a straightforward and user-friendly software designed to secure and protect sensitive files and folders on a Windows system. Developed by XOSLAB, this tool allows users to easily lock, hide, and password-protect their files, providing an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized access or accidental deletion. With its simplicity and efficiency, Easy File Locker is suitable for users who want a quick and effective solution for securing their private data.

    Key Features:

    • File and Folder Locking: Easy File Locker enables users to lock individual files or entire folders, preventing unauthorized access or modification. Locked files or folders are protected by a password.
    • Hide Files and Folders: In addition to locking, the software provides an option to hide files and folders. Hidden items remain inaccessible and invisible to users who do not have the necessary permissions.
    • Simple User Interface: The tool features a straightforward and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users of all levels of technical expertise to navigate and utilize its security features.
    • Password Protection: Users can set a password to restrict access to locked or hidden files and folders. This password acts as a safeguard against unauthorized attempts to access protected content.
    • Quick Locking and Unlocking: With a few clicks, users can quickly lock or unlock files and folders, making it convenient for securing sensitive data on the go.
    • Drag-and-Drop Support: Easy File Locker supports drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to easily add files or folders to the application for locking or hiding.
    • Low System Resource Usage: The software is designed to have minimal impact on system resources, ensuring that it runs efficiently in the background without causing slowdowns.
    • Compatibility: Easy File Locker (64-bit) is specifically designed for 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance on modern systems.

    How to Use Easy File Locker (64-bit):

    1. Download and Install: Begin by downloading Easy File Locker (64-bit) from the official website. Follow the installation instructions to install the software on your Windows computer.
    2. Open the Software: Launch Easy File Locker and enter the password when prompted. If it’s your first time using the software, set a new password.
    3. Add Files or Folders: Use the application’s interface to add files or folders that you want to lock or hide. Alternatively, you can drag and drop items directly into the Easy File Locker window.
    4. Lock or Hide Items: Select the files or folders you want to secure, and choose the “Lock” or “Hide” option. Enter the password to apply the protection.
    5. Unlock or Show Items: To access or make visible the locked or hidden items, select them in the Easy File Locker interface and choose the “Unlock” or “Show” option. Enter the password to confirm.
    6. Change Password (Optional): If needed, you can change the password for Easy File Locker by accessing the settings or preferences within the application.

    Your Thoughts:

    Have you used Easy File Locker (64-bit) to secure your files and folders? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. Your feedback can be valuable for others seeking a reliable and simple file protection solution.

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