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HP All In One Printers Driver Update

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Technical Info
License / Price Free
Version 1.0
Date Added January 23rd, 2020
Language Multipal languages
File Size 1.53MB
Developer Hewlett Packard Development Company


FromĀ Hewlett Packard Development Company:

This update corrects an issue that can cause your computer to lose the connection with your printer, which may result in complete print jobs and loss of printer status messaging. All In One Printers included: HP C4400 All In One Printers HP C4500 All In One Printers HP C5500 All In One Printers HP C6300 All In One Printers System requirements: Must have an existing installation of the device for which this update is targeted. This update cannot be used for initial device installation. Works with: Microsoft Windows XP 64-Bit Edition, Microsoft Windows XP x64 1. Before downloading the update, please verify that you have an existing valid installation of the device. This update is not intended to be used as a primary installation for your device. 2. Download the update to a folder on your system. 3. Double click on the downloaded update file to start the unpacking and installation process. 4. In Windows Vista, you will be prompted for Administrator credentials if your login privileges do not have administrator rights. If you are an administrator, you will be prompted for permission to continue with the installation. Please select the option to continue the installation. 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. 6. If you are requested to reboot the system at the end of the installation, please reboot to complete the installation process. Reboot is normally not required.