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Developer: 64 Pixels
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multiple languages
Version: 4.7
Licence / Price: Free
Date Added: 2024/01/28
Total Downloads: 13 views
  • Licence:
  • Developer:
  • Operating System:
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  • Version:
  • Date Added:
  • Total Downloads:
  • Free
  • 64 Pixels
  • Windows
  • Multiple languages
  • 4.7
  • 2024/01/28
  • About 

    Instagram for Chrome is a browser extension that allows users to browse and interact with Instagram directly from their desktop web browser. Developed by the team at 64px, this extension brings the popular social media platform’s functionality to the convenience of the Chrome browser, offering a seamless browsing experience for Instagram users who prefer using their computers.

    Key Features:

    1. Browsing Instagram Feed:
      • With Instagram for Chrome, users can view their Instagram feed directly within their Chrome browser, allowing them to scroll through photos and videos posted by accounts they follow.
    2. Interacting with Posts:
      • Users can like, comment on, and share posts directly from their browser, replicating the functionality of the Instagram mobile app.
    3. Viewing Stories:
      • The extension supports viewing Instagram Stories, enabling users to see temporary posts from accounts they follow at the top of their feed.
    4. Notifications:
      • Instagram for Chrome provides notifications for new likes, comments, and follower requests, keeping users updated on their Instagram activity.
    5. Upload Photos and Videos:
      • Users can upload photos and videos to their Instagram account directly from their desktop computer using the extension, streamlining the content creation process.
    6. Direct Messaging:
      • The extension includes support for Instagram Direct Messaging, allowing users to send and receive direct messages from their browser.
    7. Explore Tab:
      • Users can explore popular posts and trending hashtags using the Explore tab, discovering new content and accounts based on their interests.
    8. Search Functionality:
      • Instagram for Chrome includes a search feature that enables users to search for specific users, hashtags, or locations, making it easy to find relevant content.

    Getting Started with Instagram for Chrome:

    1. Install the Extension:
      • Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “Instagram for Chrome.” Click on the extension’s listing and then click “Add to Chrome” to install it.
    2. Authorize Your Instagram Account:
      • After installation, click on the Instagram icon in your Chrome toolbar. Log in to your Instagram account to authorize the extension to access your account information.
    3. Explore Instagram:
      • Once logged in, you can start browsing Instagram directly from your Chrome browser. Navigate through your feed, interact with posts, view stories, and explore new content using the extension’s features.
    4. Customize Settings:
      • Instagram for Chrome may offer settings and customization options accessible from the extension’s toolbar icon. Adjust settings such as notifications and display preferences to personalize your Instagram experience.

    User Reviews:

    Instagram for Chrome has garnered positive reviews from users who appreciate its convenience and ease of use. Users often praise its ability to bring Instagram’s features to the desktop browser, allowing for seamless browsing and interaction with the platform.

    Share Your Experience:

    If you’ve used Instagram for Chrome, share your experience and thoughts in the comments below. Let others know how this extension has enhanced your Instagram browsing experience and if you have any tips or favorite features to share.

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