IntelliType Pro

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Version: 8.2
Date Added: 2016/10/17
Total Downloads: 1,181 views
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  • Date Added:
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  • 8.2
  • 2016/10/17
  • With IntelliType Pro keyboard software, you can customize the unique features of your Microsoft keyboard to fit your needs. Many keys can be reassigned to open a program, file or Web page, or to perform commands such as Find, Show Desktop, or other application-specific functions.

    You can also disable keys you sometimes press accidentally, such as CAPS LOCK, and modify keyboard settings, such as updated horizontal scrolling and zoom slider functionality. IntelliType Pro software even offers extended application support, as well as biometrics support for advanced identity management. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, you will need to have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed.

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