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IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows

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Developer: Irfan Skiljan
Operating System: windows
Language: Multiple
Version: 4.62
Licence / Price: free
FileSize: 3.1 MB
Date Added: 2024/06/02
Total Downloads: 4 views
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  • free
  • Irfan Skiljan
  • windows
  • Multiple
  • 4.62
  • 3.1 MB
  • 2024/06/02
  • About.

    IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows is a lightweight, fast, and powerful image viewer and editor designed to meet the needs of both casual users and professionals. Developed by Irfan Skiljan, this free software supports a wide range of image formats and offers a comprehensive suite of tools for viewing, editing, and converting images. IrfanView is renowned for its speed, simplicity, and extensive functionality, making it a popular choice among users who need a reliable image processing tool.

    The software is equipped with features such as batch processing, image conversion, and simple editing capabilities like cropping, resizing, and color adjustments. IrfanView also supports plugins to extend its functionality, allowing users to handle audio, video, and other multimedia files.

    **Key Features of IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows**

    – **Wide Format Support**: Supports a vast array of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and more.
    – **Fast Performance**: Quick loading and processing of images, even with large files.
    – **Batch Processing**: Efficiently convert, resize, or rename multiple files at once with the batch processing feature.
    – **Basic Editing Tools**: Provides essential editing tools such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and adjusting colors.
    – **Image Conversion**: Easily convert images between different formats.
    – **Slideshow Creation**: Create and view slideshows with various transition effects.
    – **Plugin Support**: Extend functionality with plugins to handle additional formats and multimedia files.
    – **Customizable Interface**: Tailor the interface to your preferences for a personalized user experience.
    – **Thumbnail/Preview Option**: Quickly browse and preview images with the thumbnail view.
    – **Screen Capture**: Capture screenshots directly within the software.
    – **Print Support**: Print images with customizable print options.

    **Getting Started with IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows**

    To start using IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows, follow these steps:

    1. **Download**: Click the download button below on this page to get IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows.
    2. **Install**: Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
    3. **Launch Software**: Open IrfanView from your start menu or desktop shortcut.
    4. **Open an Image**: Click “File” and select “Open” to browse and open an image file from your computer.
    5. **Edit Image**: Use the toolbar or menu options to crop, resize, rotate, or adjust colors as needed.
    6. **Convert/Batch Process**: To convert or batch process files, click “File” and select “Batch Conversion/Rename,” then add the files and configure the desired settings.
    7. **Use Plugins**: Install and manage plugins by downloading them from the IrfanView website and following the installation instructions.
    8. **Save and Export**: Save your edited images by clicking “File” and selecting “Save As,” choosing the desired format and settings.

    **User Reviews**

    IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows is highly regarded for its efficiency and versatility. Here are some reviews from our community:

    – “IrfanView is my go-to image viewer and editor. It’s incredibly fast and handles all my image processing needs.” – Jessica H.
    – “The batch processing feature saves me so much time when converting multiple files. Highly recommended!” – Daniel P.
    – “I love how lightweight and powerful IrfanView is. It opens images instantly and offers all the essential editing tools I need.” – Amanda T.

    **What Are Your Thoughts?**

    Have you used IrfanView (32-bit) for Windows? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Leave a comment below and share your feedback with our community. Your input helps us improve our tools and services.

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