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Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting

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Technical Info
License / Price Free
Date Added October 7th, 2021
Language Multiple languages
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Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting Publisher’s Description

Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting is an open source add-in.
* Native integration into Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher.
* Explore, visualize and organize your sales data through Excel.
* Upload your sales data to Lokad in one click.
* Define customizable forecasting tasks (per day, week, month).
* Download your sales forecasts through our forecasting technology.
* Windows Installer provided (uninstall is supported).
If you keep too much inventory, your expenses go up. But if you reduce too much, you have nothing to sell. Smart inventory management is a cornerstone of commerce profitability.
Get daily / weekly / monthly sales forecasts for each product that you are selling. The forecasts rely on the Lokad forecasting technology. Our collaborative algorithms provide improved forecast accuracy even if the input sales data are very limited.
Looking for an application not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact the Lokad email support.