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Microsoft Word Mass Find & Replace Tool

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Technical Info
License / Price Free to try | $4.00
Date Added October 10th, 2021
Language Multiple languages
File Size
Developer Third Eye

Microsoft Word Mass Find & Replace Tool Publisher’s Description

Used by Companies changing their contact details, by professionals to update links when a server gets renamed, by translators in need of complex Find & Replace functions, (even by naughty school kids to re-label an entire years homework.)
The list of uses is endless, and it is 10 times cheaper than it’s nearest rivals (with more features!) making it the best value and one of the most powerful Word Document Find & Replace Tools available.
No other tool has ALL of these features.
“If you can find a cheaper App with these features… Buy it!”
-thirdeye dev team
Replace Headers with images !
Find & Replace text in one, one thousand, or one million Word Documents. Replace multiple sets of words or whole paragraphs. Insert headers and footers or copy them from other documents.
Use the Tool to…
• Change corporate stationary
• Update hyperlinks
• Rename servers
• Standardize company material
• Technical editing
• Change part numbers or Price Codes
• Amend Word documents before PDF conversion for web upload
• Translate documents
• Amend documents scanned with text recognition
User benefits
•Super Fast!
•Process an Unlimited number of documents
•Very easy to use
• Performs all of Word’s Find & Replace actions, plus many more, such as hyperlinks and images
• This is a stand-alone application. It does not install into Microsoft Word, eliminating any worry about destabilizing your Microsoft Office installation.
• Finds & and Replaces;
– hyperlinks inside footnotes, endnotes and comments
– inside headers and footers
– inside hyperlinks and hyperlink addresses
– UNC link paths
– inside built in document properties and custom properties
– graphics in Headers
• Unicode compliant (unlike competing products)
• Unlimited length replacements (Word limits to 255 characters)
• Handles any number of sub folders
• Easy to install
• Copy Headers & Footers from documents
• Preserves formatting
• Save selections for fast access