Parallels Desktop for Mac 17.1

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Date Added: 2023/07/12
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  • 2023/07/12
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac 17.1 is a virtualization software developed by Parallels that allows you to run multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, on your Mac computer simultaneously.

    Here are some key features and functionalities typically associated with Parallels Desktop:

    1. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

    Parallels Desktop enables you to run Windows, Linux, and other operating systems alongside macOS without the need for dual booting. This allows you to switch between different operating systems seamlessly, using virtual machines.

    2. Easy Setup and Installation

    : Parallels Desktop provides a user-friendly interface and a straightforward installation process. It includes a virtual machine wizard that helps you set up a virtual machine and install an operating system within minutes.

    3. Coherence Mode:

    This mode allows you to integrate Windows applications with your Mac environment, making them appear as if they are running natively on macOS. You can launch Windows applications directly from your Mac’s Dock and switch between them effortlessly.

    4. Shared Clipboard and Drag-and-Drop:

    Parallels Desktop allows you to share the clipboard between your Mac and virtual machines, making it easy to copy and paste content. You can also drag and drop files and folders between your Mac and virtual machines.

    5. Snapshot and Rollback:

    The software offers snapshot functionality, allowing you to take a snapshot of your virtual machine’s current state. This feature is useful when experimenting with software installations or making system changes, as it enables you to revert back to a previous state if needed.

    6. Enhanced Graphics and Performance:

    Parallels Desktop provides support for DirectX and OpenGL, ensuring smooth graphics performance in Windows applications and games. It also offers optimizations for macOS to provide better performance and resource utilization.

    7. Integration with macOS Features

    : Parallels Desktop seamlessly integrates with macOS features, such as the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro, Retina display resolutions, and support for iCloud, Messages, and other macOS services.


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