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Date Added: 2023/08/26
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  • 2023/08/26
  • PDF-XChange Viewer is a software application developed by Tracker Software Products for viewing and interacting with PDF (Portable Document Format) files. It’s designed to provide a feature-rich experience for users who need to open, annotate, and work with PDF documents. PDF-XChange Viewer offers a range of tools and functionalities beyond basic PDF viewing.

    Here are some key features and aspects of PDF-XChange Viewer:

    1. **PDF Viewing**: PDF-XChange Viewer allows you to open and view PDF files. It provides options for zooming, navigating through pages, and searching for specific text within the document.

    2. **Annotation and Commenting**: One of the highlights of PDF-XChange Viewer is its robust annotation and commenting tools. You can add various types of annotations, such as text notes, highlights, underlines, shapes, stamps, and more, to the PDF.

    3. **Form Filling**: The software supports interactive PDF forms, allowing you to fill out and submit forms directly within the application.

    4. **Markup and Editing**: You can use markup tools to draw shapes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on the PDF. The software might also offer basic text editing capabilities.

    5. **Document Management**: PDF-XChange Viewer often includes features for managing PDF documents, such as rotating pages, rearranging pages, and extracting specific pages.

    6. **Snapshot Tool**: You can capture and save snapshots of specific areas in the PDF for easy reference.

    7. **Measurement Tools**: Some versions of the software might offer measurement tools to calculate distances, areas, and angles in the PDF.

    8. **Export and Conversion**: PDF-XChange Viewer might offer export options, allowing you to save PDF pages as images or text. However, for full PDF creation and conversion capabilities, you might need to consider other products from Tracker Software.

    9. **Compatibility**: PDF-XChange Viewer aims to maintain compatibility with various PDF standards and versions.

    10. **Free and Paid Versions**: While the basic version of PDF-XChange Viewer is often available for free, Tracker Software also offers a paid version called PDF-XChange Editor, which provides additional advanced features for PDF creation, editing, and document manipulation.

    . Software features and capabilities can evolve with updates and new releases. If you’re considering using PDF-XChange Viewer, I recommend visiting the official Tracker Software website or referring to the latest documentation for accurate and up-to-date information.

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