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Operating System: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Language: multipal languages
Version: Polarity 9.3.9
Licence / Price: Free
FileSize 1.2 MB
Date Added: 2019/11/05
Total Downloads: 234 Views
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  • Operating System
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  • Version
  • FileSize
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  • Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • multipal languages
  • Polarity 9.3.9
  • 1.2 MB
  • 2019/11/05
  • A feature packed, fast, secure, stable, and a highly customizable web browser that offers the latest web standards. Polarity Browser also comes built-in with Adblock and Do Not Track for privacy concerns. All these aspects of Polarity help deliver a unique browsing experience which helps you enjoy the best of what the web has to offer.

    Alternative browsers were made with a purpose. Polarity Browser was designed to be much more energy efficient and light weight than other browsers, so you can browse longer without the fan kicking in. Built in privacy features such as DoNotTrack and Privoxy allow users to browse with confidence. With a wide selection of apps, themes, and extensions, you’ll feel right at home with the app.

    Flexible in every sense of the word
    The browser you use should be tailored to you for customizability, ease of use, and efficiency. Unlike other browsers, the tool is designed to give users the freedom to choose from themes, apps, extensions, and more.

    Filter out noise
    Ads have become a prevalent sighting on the web today but usually ends up hindering browser performance. Ads can slow down browsing speeds, spread malicious software, and even drain your device’s battery faster. It comes with Adblocking built in so you don’t need to worry.

    Built for efficiency
    The internet browser has become the application that most use most on the computer. So why not make it as efficient as it can be? The browser specializes in minimal RAM and CPU usage to deliver a great browsing experience for low and high end devices.


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