RasterEdge PDF for C#

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Date Added: 2023/08/18
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  • 2023/08/18
  • RasterEdge PDF for C# is a software development toolkit provided by RasterEdge that allows developers to work with PDF documents using the C# programming language. It offers a set of libraries and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable developers to perform various operations on PDF files, such as creating, editing, converting, and manipulating PDF content programmatically within their C# applications.

    Key features and capabilities of RasterEdge PDF for C# might include:

    1. **PDF Creation:** Developers can generate new PDF documents from scratch or by assembling content from various sources like text, images, and other PDF files.

    2. **PDF Editing:** The toolkit allows developers to programmatically modify existing PDF documents, such as adding or removing pages, updating content, and applying annotations.

    3. **PDF Conversion:** RasterEdge PDF for C# may offer functionalities to convert PDF documents to other formats, such as images or text files.

    4. **PDF Parsing:** Developers can extract text, images, metadata, and other information from PDF documents for further processing.

    5. **PDF Rendering:** The toolkit might provide capabilities for rendering PDF pages as images for display purposes, enabling developers to create custom PDF viewers or thumbnail previews.

    6. **PDF Annotation:** Developers might be able to add various types of annotations to PDF documents, such as text comments, highlights, and stamps.

    7. **PDF Security:** RasterEdge PDF for C# may offer options to apply security settings to PDF documents, such as password protection and encryption.

    8. **PDF Form Handling:** The toolkit might support working with interactive PDF forms, allowing developers to fill in form fields programmatically and extract form data.

    9. **PDF Merging and Splitting:** Developers can combine multiple PDF files into a single document or split a PDF into separate files using the toolkit’s APIs.

    10. **PDF Text Extraction:** The toolkit might include functionality to extract text from PDF documents, making it useful for text analysis and search purposes.

    11. **PDF OCR:** Some versions of the toolkit might include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to extract text from scanned PDF documents.

    To use RasterEdge PDF for C# in your projects, you typically include the toolkit’s libraries and APIs in your C# codebase. The specific functionalities and methods available can vary depending on the version of the toolkit you’re using.


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