RPM Remote Print Manager Elite (64-bit)

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Date Added: 2023/08/17
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  • 2023/08/17
  • RPM Remote Print Manager Elite (64-bit) is a software application designed to manage and streamline printing tasks in a networked environment. It is specifically developed for businesses and organizations that require efficient print management solutions. Here’s an overview of what RPM Remote Print Manager Elite offers:

    1. **Print Job Management:** RPM Remote Print Manager Elite allows users to control and manage print jobs across a network. It centralizes print management tasks and provides a unified interface to monitor and control print queues.

    2. **Print Queue Organization:** The software enables the creation and management of print queues, which are logical groupings of printers that share similar characteristics or functions. This helps in routing print jobs to appropriate printers based on predefined criteria.

    3. **Print Job Routing and Redirection:** RPM Remote Print Manager Elite facilitates the routing of print jobs to specific printers or print destinations based on factors such as user identity, document type, printer availability, and more. This ensures that print jobs are sent to the most suitable printer.

    4. **Print Job Conversion:** The application can convert print jobs from one format to another. This can be useful when print jobs are submitted in different formats than those supported by the target printer.

    5. **Advanced Print Job Control:** The software offers features like conditional printing, which allows users to apply rules and conditions to determine whether a print job should be processed or held. This can help in managing print costs and optimizing printer usage.

    6. **Logging and Reporting:** RPM Remote Print Manager Elite maintains logs of print activities, providing administrators with insights into print job history, printer usage, and potential issues. This data can be useful for tracking usage trends and troubleshooting problems.

    7. **Automation and Scripting:** The software supports scripting and automation, allowing users to define custom actions and workflows based on print job events. This can include tasks like archiving, emailing, or executing scripts upon the completion of print jobs.

    8. **Security and Access Control:** The application often includes features to ensure the security of print jobs and printer resources. This may involve user authentication, access controls, and encryption for sensitive print data.

    9. **Load Balancing:** In larger environments with multiple printers, RPM Remote Print Manager Elite can distribute print jobs across printers to balance the workload and prevent congestion on specific devices.

    Overall, RPM Remote Print Manager Elite (64-bit) is designed to optimize printing processes in networked environments, offering administrators greater control, flexibility, and efficiency when managing print jobs and printer resources. It’s particularly valuable for businesses that handle a significant volume of printing and require a systematic approach to print management.

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