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Sketch for Mac

Sketch for Mac (MEGA)
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Sketch for Mac (MEGA)

Date added: April 5th, 2017
Language: Multiple Languages
File size: 22.5 MB
OS: Mac
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The Sketch Mac drawing software helps you create professional artwork, whether you draw and design for the web or other purposes. This vector-based drawing program works with layers on a canvas and prescribed shapes that you can manipulate.

The interface is simple, with a canvas in the middle, a toolbar on top, an inspector to the right and a layers panel on the left. However, the application is somewhat more complicated to use than other Mac drawing programs.

To offset the difficult navigation somewhat, you can create shortcuts for features that aren’t readily available so that you don’t need to dig through dropdown menus to find them. The software has a scissors tool that deletes line segments, as well as a transform tool to let you skew the points of an object’s bounding box symmetrically or asymmetrically.

The white arrow tool, used in advanced Mac illustration applications to adjust individual vertices, is combined with the standard black arrow tool in Sketch. This combined arrow function streamlines the workflow.

Sketch offers some interesting tools such as blob, warp, push, pull, explode and twirl, which alter the borders of your drawn shapes. You can also use the paintbrush and paint eraser tools to alter shapes’ edges. You can draw freehand lines and Bezier curves.

This Mac drawing software offers full text effects, including the ability to convert your text to editable shapes or paths and to place text on a path. It lets you create paragraph styles and multiple-page designs if needed. The canvas size in Sketch is infinite, so you can keep building on one canvas forever if you want. This application offers a snap-to-pixel function, which rounds out shapes to the nearest pixel. This helps smooth rough edges so you don’t see pixelated corners.

There are no filters or brush tools in Sketch. The application also lacks clip art, although you can import your own images. You can connect and use a pen tablet with Sketch.

Sketch offers customer support via an email form that is part of a user’s forum. You must fill out free registration on the company’s website before you can use the forum. Your messages to the company can be marked public or private within the forum. An online FAQs page is also available for answers to common questions.

Sketch can help you create quality artwork. This vector-based drawing program works with layers on a canvas and offers some professional tools that other drawing applications do not. It lacks brushes, filters, distort tools and clip art, but it’s a good program to help you create designs, drawings, schematics and other art.


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