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Sql-Batch Suite

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Technical Info
License / Price Free to try | $100.00
Date Added October 7th, 2021
Language Multiple languages
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Developer Urisoft A Virtual Software Factory

Sql-Batch Suite Publisher’s Description

One of the most popular features in reporting tools is exporting the results to excel for further analyses.
As Excel is the daily tool of anyone dealing with numbers, the need to use additional external reporting tool just for getting the data into your spreadsheet, is annoying and decreases productivity.
SQL-Batch Suite 1.0 solves this problem.
SQL-Batch Suite 1.0 basic concept is understanding that the user doesn’t want complex features and doesn’t want to hear about technicalities like databases, sql queries, join tables, look-up tables and other IT Experts terminology. The user wants the data for his daily routine in his excel spreadsheet as quickly and as easily as possible. He wants results, he doesn’t want IT people to give him complex tools that will make him do all the hard work. The user’s expertise is working with numbers, he shouldn’t be the one that have to work hard to get the numbers.
SQL-Batch Suite 1.0 is a Predefined Database Query Tool that enables direct data extraction from any relational DataBase using Excel Menu direct into an Excel Spreadsheet
Version 1.0 has 2 components :
1 – SQL-Batch Administrator Tool where the administrator, Which is an IT professional, builds excel menus, defines Predefined Queries from as many relational databases as needed, and manages users and security.
2 – SQL-Batch Excel Add-in that add top entry with sub-menues to your Excel menu with which the user can select query, type the query parameters and get the data directly into his spreadsheet .