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Developer: Open Labs
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multipal languages
Licence / Price: Free to try
FileSize 120.41MB
Date Added: 2020/01/28
Total Downloads: 48 Downloads


FromĀ Open Labs:

The easy way to create music.

We have made music creation intuitive and easy with our new software. Give it a try and see! SongBuilder is your launchpad and you can explore StageLight’s deeper alternatives from there. Buy it now to be a part of OpenLabs’ newest advancement in music creativity: StageLight.

SongBuilder – A guide for the new artist

  • StageLight is built with ease of use as a primary focus. We have designed a creative workflow that will allow anyone who is just getting started in music creation to be successful in achieving their sound.

Genre specific SongBuilder Lessons

  • We understand what sounds and patterns make up a certain genre. SongBuilder takes the guess work out of trying make the sounds you want.

Learn to Create a Song Step by Step.

  • Build up a song track by track and fully understand how music is created in a digital space.

Intuitive drum programming interface.

  • Use our ultra-simple step sequencer to build beats for your tracks.

Touch friendly piano roll.

  • Get hands on with your music with a touch screen editor optimized to tweak your performance.