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TeamPlayer4 Pro

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Technical Info
License / Price Free to try
Date Added November 20th, 2021
Language Multiple languages
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Developer Dicolab

TeamPlayer4 Pro Publisher’s Description

Imagine having multiple simultaneous users on screen.

Multi-user, multi-cursor tool:
TeamPlayer4 Pro allows for multiple users to interact and collaborate on one PC, desktop or system. Work in any application(s) or document(s) you can run with multiple user together, all present on screen with an own and unique cursor, all able to interact and control.

Have you ever had a need for a collaborative and cooperative initiative that just needed a solution beyond what those so-called collaboration suites offer? Whether creating, reviewing, or learning, sometimes you need a solution that lets everyone participate at the same time thats why you absolutely need TeamPlayer4 Pro.

The newly released TeamPlayer4 lets you have more users simultaneously use the desktop, each with their own colored cursors and labels. With this app for PC youll be able to have each person move and drag windows, control applications, and use their keyboard – thus interacting and co-working together.

This app as the perfect platform for collaborative efforts in education, research, business and creative services.