The New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review – Is It Actually Worth It?

Samsung had released its first foldable phone which, according to them, is the “World’s first Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Tough, Real flexible Glass screen on a smartphone.” But it just turns out that the phone does not really match those expectations. Samsung’s “Ultra-thin glass” is 30 microns thick, which is like very thin human hair. This has a lot of consequences. If there is a small crack or ding on the screen it could be catastrophic.

For this reason, Samsung covered the glass with a second plastic layer. The plastic is soft which gets damaged very easily if you press too hard or happen to scratch it with your fingernails. But the plastic doesn’t really solve the protection issue as the glass underneath is so thin that it can be punctured relatively easily. If the glass gets punctured, the OLED display underneath is utterly destroyed whereas, on a regular phone, you will most likely have a cracked screen to live with.

Samsung Galaxy X Flip Phone Might Not Be Worth It Here's Why

Inherently, this phone is the most fragile than any other mobile phone. So what’s the point of having a glass screen if it is just as vulnerable as a plastic one? There are actually other benefits of the phone. Here are some of the pros:

1. Its performance is overall really great.

2. It has an amazing camera Quality with a 10MP camera including live editing on screen, which you could edit while on a video call or live streams.

3. It looks and feels like a standard phone when it is open.

4. its design is practical and fun.

5. It is also the least expensive foldable phone in the market.

As far as the screen quality goes, it is a step above other folding screens but can’t up to a direct comparison with a Galaxy S10 or iPhone 11. There are no complaints about the overall quality, brightness, and resolution. And perhaps Samsung will eventually make the screen somewhat more durable than plastic in the long term, but we won’t know if that will be true for some time. Unlike Motorola’s Razr, which also had embraced the classic flip phone, the Z flip has a durable camera system, a high-performance processor, the latest version of android and slightly better battery performance. So If you are an especially careful person and must buy a flip phone, this is the only best you will find. But keep in mind that buying any foldable phone is risky as they have some potential points in failure.