The Word Bible Software

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Developer: The Word Bible Software
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multipal languages
Licence / Price: Free
FileSize 49.91MB
Date Added: 2020/01/16
Total Downloads: 132 Views
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  • The Word Bible Software
  • Windows
  • Multipal languages
  • 49.91MB
  • 2020/01/16

    From The Word Bible Software:

    The Word Bible software is an intuitive and powerful computer program which puts hundreds of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, books and maps at your fingertips. Even though the software is provided at no charge, that in no way suggests that the quality and caliber of The Word is anything less than what one would expect from top-of-the-line program. The Word Bible Software is one of the very best Bible study software programs available, commercial or otherwise.