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Technical Info
License / Price Free to try
Date Added October 9th, 2021
Language Multiple languages
File Size
Developer Toolstoo

ToolsToo Publisher’s Description

ToolsToo is a powerful yet easy-to-use set of editing productivity tools for desktop versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

All of the tools are exposed via PowerPoints ribbon interface and can be divided into two main groups:

Shape Tools (80+ tools) these tools use a user-specified Reference Shape (either the first shape selected, a previously picked-up shape, a shape referred to as the Presentation Space on the slide layout, or the entire slide) as the basis for their function:
* Select Same fill, shape, font color, font name, font size, line color, line dashes, line weight
* Make Same size, spacing, format, rotation, adjustments, rounded corners, table column widths, table format, animation, and motion path end
* Adjoin shapes end-to-end
* Stretch shapes
* Align and Distribute shapes
* Replicate shapes
* Rearrange z-order and animation sequence
* Add Connection Sites
* Add to Group
* Delete from Group
* Hide/Select
* Make Title/Body
* Make Line Horizontal/Vertical
* Paste Thumbnail
* Scale to 100%/height/width
* Swap Arrows/Shapes
* Text Split/Join
* Copy to Motion Path End
* Reset Motion Path Start
* and more…

Slide Tools (25+ tools):
* Copy Agenda Slide
* Insert Picture from Clipboard
* Reformat Slides
* Set Language
* Set Title
* Split Animation
* Split Text
* Slide Statistics
* Word Count
* Extract Notes
* Extract Selected Slides
* Save Guides
* Restore Guides
* Consolidate Layouts
* Remove Animation/Embedded Chart Data/Empty Sections/Guides/Hidden Slides/Notes/Unused Slide Masters/Unused Slide Layouts
* and more…

Many users have reported that ToolsToo is so powerful and productive that once they have used it, they find it difficult to create PowerPoint presentations without it.