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Travel Journal for Mac

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Technical Info
License / Price Purchase
Version 1.0
Date Added January 30th, 2020
Language Multipal languages
File Size Not Available
Developer Raj Kumar Shaw


FromĀ Raj Kumar Shaw:

Traveling is all about experiencing new adventures and places. Documenting and capturing these memories is the focus of Travel Journal. Keeping your memories alive using a Travel Journal has been a tradition for most seasoned traveler for decades. Simply being able to revisit specific moments of your trip will make you smile.
Travel Journal is well organized and structured. The user interface is simple to use and the added features make this modern day journal work of art. You will be proud of your Travel Journal and the simplicity of making entries will ensure that you document all your adventures every day. Traveling is also about sharing your experiences with families and friends.

On any trip Travel Journal will be your best friend. Reflecting on what took place during your vacation makes all your experiences more vivid. There is no better time to document your travel escapades than in real time. By the time you get home it is almost to late to document the little things like the smells of an open air market or the details of a mysterious person you met.

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