URL to PDF CSharp

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Date Added: 2023/08/28
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  • 2023/08/28
  • I understand that you’re looking for information about a C# library or tool that can convert a URL to a PDF. While I can’t provide real-time URLs or direct links, I can suggest some libraries and methods that you might find useful for converting URLs to PDFs in a C# environment:

    1. **WkHtmlToPdf:** This is a command-line tool that uses the WebKit rendering engine to convert HTML and CSS to PDF. There are C# wrappers available that allow you to use WkHtmlToPdf within your C# applications.

    2. **PuppeteerSharp:** PuppeteerSharp is a .NET port of the Puppeteer library, which provides a high-level API to control headless Chrome or Chromium browsers. It can be used to generate PDFs from web pages.

    3. **SelectPdf:** SelectPdf is a library that offers HTML to PDF conversion in C#. It allows you to convert both local HTML files and URLs to PDF documents.

    4. **HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp:** This library combines the capabilities of HtmlRenderer and PdfSharp to convert HTML content to PDF. You can use it to generate PDFs from HTML content, which includes URLs.

    5. **EVO HTML to PDF Converter:** EVO PDF offers a library that enables you to convert HTML content, including URLs, to PDF documents using C#.

    When using these libraries, you would typically provide the URL of the webpage you want to convert, and the library will handle rendering the content and generating the PDF. Keep in mind that the layout and formatting of the resulting PDF may vary depending on the complexity of the webpage’s HTML and CSS.

    It’s recommended to review the documentation and examples provided by these libraries to understand how to use them effectively in your C# application. Additionally, make sure to use libraries from reputable sources and ensure that they meet your specific requirements.

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