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Date Added: 2023/08/08
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  • 2023/08/08
  • The “User Profiles List Web Part” in SharePoint is a component that allows you to display a list of user profiles from the SharePoint User Profile Service or Active Directory. This web part is typically used in SharePoint sites to showcase information about users, their roles, departments, and other relevant details. It’s a useful tool for improving collaboration and providing visibility into the people who are part of your organization or community.

    Key features and aspects of the User Profiles List Web Part may include:

    1. **User Profile Data**: The web part fetches user profile data from the SharePoint User Profile Service or Active Directory, depending on your configuration.

    2. **Customization**: You can customize the information that is displayed in the list. This might include fields such as name, title, department, contact information, and more.

    3. **Filters and Sorting**: The web part often includes options to filter and sort the user profiles based on various criteria, making it easier to find specific users.

    4. **Search Integration**: Depending on your SharePoint setup, the User Profiles List Web Part might be integrated with the search functionality, allowing users to search for and find profiles.

    5. **Thumbnail Photos**: It’s common for the web part to display thumbnail photos of users next to their profile information.

    6. **Links to User Profiles**: The web part might provide links to individual user profiles, allowing users to access more detailed information about a specific user.

    7. **Presence Indicators**: Some versions of the web part include presence indicators, showing whether a user is currently online, offline, or away.


    8. **Permissions and Privacy**: Depending on the configuration and settings, the web part might respect permissions and privacy settings to ensure that sensitive information isn’t displayed to unauthorized users.

    9. **Integration with My Sites**: If your SharePoint environment includes My Sites (personal user profile sites), the web part might link to users’ individual My Site pages.

    Please note that the features and capabilities of the User Profiles List Web Part may vary depending on the version of SharePoint you are using and any customizations that have been applied to your SharePoint environment.

    If you’re using a version of SharePoint that has this web part available, you should be able to add it to your SharePoint pages by editing the page and adding the web part from the web part gallery. If you’re unsure about the availability or usage of this web part in your specific SharePoint environment, I recommend consulting SharePoint documentation or seeking assistance from your organization’s SharePoint administrators or IT support.

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