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Windows 11 New

On June 24, Microsoft will be releasing its next-generation Windows operating system, Windows 11. Prior to its launch, Windows 11 ISO screenshots have been leaked online, allowing us to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of features and UI design. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of everything we know of Windows 11 so far.


Windows 11 has been in the news lately, not because of its debut, but because of a big leak that had allowed users to try out the new OS before it was officially released. Microsoft had been preparing to discuss “the next version of windows.” on June 24. However, a series of leaks has ruined that – first, a few screenshots appeared on China’s Baidu website, and then the Windows 11 ISO was dumped shortly after.

Many users have got hold of the ISO file, and the Windows 11 OS details are all widely available on the internet now. From what we learned, Windows 11 has a new interface, a new start menu, a new taskbar design, and more.

The new start menu and interface are similar to what we have seen in Windows 10X. The most noticeable visual changes are in the taskbar area, where app icons have been centered, a new square Windows logo has been added, and the app tray looks much cleaner.