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WOT (Web of Trust) for Google Chrome

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Developer: MyWOT Web of Trust
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multiple languages
Version: 3.0.5
Licence / Price: Free
Date Added: 2024/01/29
Total Downloads: 15 views
  • Licence:
  • Developer:
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  • Free
  • MyWOT Web of Trust
  • Windows
  • Multiple languages
  • 3.0.5
  • 2024/01/29
  • About

    WOT (Web of Trust) for Google Chrome is a powerful browser extension that empowers users to browse the web with confidence by providing real-time website reputation ratings and reviews. With WOT, users can make informed decisions about the websites they visit, helping them stay safe from online threats such as malware, phishing scams, and unreliable content.

    Key Features:

    • Website Reputation Ratings: WOT assigns color-coded ratings to websites based on user feedback and data from trusted sources, helping users identify trustworthy sites at a glance.
    • Real-Time Protection: WOT continuously evaluates websites in real-time, providing up-to-date reputation scores to ensure users are informed about the latest threats and risks.
    • Safe Search: WOT integrates with popular search engines to display website reputation ratings directly in search results, enabling users to avoid potentially harmful sites before clicking on them.
    • Customizable Settings: Users can customize WOT’s settings to suit their browsing preferences, including the ability to adjust rating visibility, disable warnings for specific categories, and more.
    • Community-driven Feedback: WOT relies on a global community of millions of users who contribute ratings and reviews, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive database of website reputations.
    • Privacy Protection: WOT prioritizes user privacy by anonymizing data and providing transparency about data collection practices, giving users peace of mind while browsing the web.

    Getting Started with WOT for Google Chrome:

    1. Download: Click the download button below to install WOT from the Chrome Web Store.
    2. Install: Follow the on-screen instructions to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser.
    3. Activate: Once installed, WOT automatically starts working in the background, providing website reputation ratings as you browse.
    4. Browse Safely: Use WOT’s color-coded ratings to assess the trustworthiness of websites and make informed decisions about which sites to visit.

    User Reviews:

    Users praise WOT for its effectiveness in identifying potentially harmful websites and providing valuable insights into website reputations. Many appreciate the ease of use and real-time protection offered by the extension, making it an essential tool for safer browsing.

    What Are Your Thoughts?

    Have you tried WOT for Google Chrome? Share your experience and feedback in the comments below. Your insights help improve WOT and contribute to a safer online community.

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