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WOT (Web of Trust) for Internet Explorer for Windows

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Developer: MyWOT Web of Trust
Operating System: windows
Language: Multiple
Licence / Price: free
FileSize: 1.9 MB
Date Added: 2024/06/12
Total Downloads: 8 views
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  • free
  • MyWOT Web of Trust
  • windows
  • Multiple
  • 1.9 MB
  • 2024/06/12
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    WOT (Web of Trust) for Internet Explorer for Windows is a valuable browser extension that enhances your online safety and security while using Internet Explorer. It provides real-time protection against phishing sites, malware, and other online threats, allowing you to browse the web with confidence. With millions of users contributing to its database, WOT offers a community-driven approach to rating website trustworthiness, ensuring you can make informed decisions about the sites you visit.

    ### Key Features of WOT (Web of Trust) for Internet Explorer

    – **Real-Time Protection:** Get instant alerts about unsafe websites, phishing attempts, and other online threats while browsing with Internet Explorer.
    – **Community-Based Ratings:** Benefit from the collective wisdom of millions of users who rate websites based on their safety and reliability.
    – **Site Reviews:** Access detailed reviews and comments from other users to understand the trustworthiness of a website before visiting it.
    – **Customizable Settings:** Adjust the protection level and notification preferences to suit your browsing habits and preferences.
    – **Browser Integration:** Seamlessly integrates with Internet Explorer, ensuring a smooth and efficient browsing experience.
    – **Privacy Protection:** Protect your privacy by blocking tracking attempts and securing your personal information from malicious websites.
    – **Regular Updates:** Stay protected with regular updates to the WOT database, ensuring you have the latest information about website safety.

    ### Getting Started with WOT (Web of Trust) for Internet Explorer for Windows

    1. **Download the Extension:**
    – Click the download button below this page to start the download of WOT for Internet Explorer.
    2. **Install the Extension:**
    – Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the extension in Internet Explorer.
    3. **Activate WOT:**
    – After installation, open Internet Explorer and you will see the WOT icon in your toolbar. Click on it to activate the extension.
    4. **Customize Your Settings:**
    – Access the WOT settings by clicking the icon and selecting “Settings”. Adjust the protection level, notification preferences, and other options according to your needs.
    5. **Start Browsing Safely:**
    – With WOT activated, browse the web with Internet Explorer as usual. The extension will automatically alert you to any potential threats, allowing you to browse with peace of mind.

    ### User Reviews

    Users appreciate WOT (Web of Trust) for Internet Explorer for Windows for its effectiveness in enhancing online safety and security. Here are some user testimonials:

    – “WOT has saved me from several phishing attempts while using Internet Explorer. It’s a must-have for anyone concerned about online security.” – **John D.**
    – “I find the community-based ratings extremely helpful. It’s like having millions of internet safety experts guiding my browsing.” – **Sarah K.**
    – “The real-time alerts are invaluable. WOT gives me confidence that I’m browsing safely with Internet Explorer.” – **Michael L.**

    ### What Are Your Thoughts?

    We’d love to hear your experiences with WOT (Web of Trust) for Internet Explorer for Windows. Has it helped you browse more securely? Do you find the community-based ratings useful? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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