Zoom Search Engine Professional Edition

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Date Added: 2023/08/09
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  • 2023/08/09
  • Zoom Search Engine Professional Edition is a software tool developed by Wrensoft that enables website owners and developers to add a powerful and customizable search functionality to their websites. The tool is designed to index the content of your website and provide users with a search interface that allows them to find specific information quickly and efficiently. Here are some key features and aspects of Zoom Search Engine Professional Edition:

    1. **Website Indexing:** The software crawls your website, indexing the content of your web pages, documents, and other files, so that users can search for specific keywords and phrases.

    2. **Customizable Search Interface:** Zoom Search Engine Professional Edition typically offers a range of customizable search interfaces that you can integrate into your website’s design. You can customize the appearance and layout of the search box and results page.

    3. **Flexible Search Options:** The tool often provides various search options, including keyword matching, boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), phrase searching, and more.

    4. **Indexing Different File Types:** Zoom Search Engine can often index a wide range of file types, including HTML, PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

    5. **Language Support:** It typically supports searching in multiple languages, including those with special characters and non-English characters.

    6. **Filters and Categories:** Some versions of the software might allow you to create filters or categories to organize search results and help users narrow down their searches.

    7. **Highlighting and Snippets:** Zoom Search Engine can often highlight the search terms in the search results and provide snippets of text around the matched keywords.

    8. **Search Statistics:** The tool may provide search statistics, allowing you to track what users are searching for and how often certain keywords are used.

    9. **Scheduled Indexing:** Some versions might support scheduled indexing, which automatically updates the search index at specified intervals to keep search results up to date.

    10. **Search Results Ranking:** The software may offer options for ranking search results based on relevance, popularity, or other criteria.

    11. **Compatibility:** Zoom Search Engine Professional Edition is often compatible with various web platforms and can be integrated into static websites, dynamic websites, and content management systems.

    12. **Support and Documentation:** Wrensoft typically provides customer support, documentation, and resources to help users effectively set up and manage the search engine on their websites.


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